Exterior iron art

Exterior iron art created unforgettable impression.

Exterior iron art is a product made ​​from curling irons with traditional manual process combines modern style in Europe, giving the exterior space an unforgettable beauty.

  • Iron swing, beautiful iron swing, cheap swing in Ho Chi Minh city

    22-03-2019 // 253 view(s)

    With its distinctive and impressive designs, art iron swing has met the essential needs of both style and quality, artistic iron swing has been conquering the most demanding customers.

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  • Beautiful house around us

    13-06-2018 // 926 view(s)

    The beautiful houses around us are now rhythmic art movement, especially for the iron handicraft. A beautiful house makes a point of time after the stressful working hours. Harmony space creates a solid nest. Khanh Han Iron Arts always strives to create products to meet the needs of today's customers.

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    18-05-2015 // 5,379 view(s)

    If you have a garden, wide enough, to avoid monotony and create a strange, try decorating with stone material, combined with water, trees and gardens to become beautiful and attractive. Decorate a garden is not merely art but also the personality of the owner.

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  • ”The swing” gift filled childhood !!!

    13-04-2015 // 5,469 view(s)

    Childhood associated with a swing Every day is cool how did you get to play on the swings Children playing on the swings to thousands of times still not bored. Every time I also like to play. Swings stay true father is not it ???

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  • Sightseeing in your garden.

    10-04-2015 // 3,506 view(s)

    There is a "quiet garden" is the desire of many people. However, the scarcity of capital city area so this seems like a luxury for many families, but even with a modest area, you can still create a beautiful garden courtyard in a style their own homes.

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  • Garden becomes strangely from the "bird cage"

    10-04-2015 // 3,966 view(s)

    Whether you are home or not, live birds in the aviary used to adorn the sleek exterior space remains effective surprise.

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  • Create new life more vivid for your lovely house

    03-12-2014 // 3,442 view(s)

    These items - Outdoor Furniture worth of material but at some point it is worth it and you are no longer considered important as ever. Instead of renewing and then throw them live a little slow, ponder a bit to give them a new life that is meaningful in the spirit. Surely you will feel very happy to have done it, "a new life to these things have been forgotten."

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