Iron art basket Kang Han

519.750đ 577.500đ -10%

With iron art basket styles varied, plentiful you can combine flowers with bright colorful strokes to bring a fresh, colorful looks like for their own space

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Manufacturer: Iron Art Khang Han
MaterialForged bending + accessories
Size : (W) 25 x (H) 15 (cm)
Colour: white, matt black, antique brass or on request
Iron art basket KH15-H031
Iron art basket KH15-H031
Iron art basket KH15-H032
Iron art basket KH15-H032
Size : (W) 30 x (H) 35 (cm) - Price: 525.000vnd/piece
Iron art basket KH15-H047
Iron art basket KH15-H047
Size : (W) 25 x (H) 30 (cm) - Gía: 715.000vnd/cái
Iron art basket KH15-H048
Iron art basket KH15-H048
Size : (D) 15 x (W) 40 x (H) 35 (cm) - Gía: 685.000vnd/cái
Iron art basket KH15-H019
Iron art basket KH15-H019
Size : (D) 12 x (W) 45 x (H) 30 (cm) - Gía: 875.000vnd/cái
Iron art basket KH15-H039
Iron art basket KH15-H039
Size : (D) 12 x (W) 45 x (H) 33 (cm) - Gía: 885.000vnd/cái
Iron art basket KH15-H023
Iron art basket KH15-H023
Size : (D) 15 x (W) 40 x (H) 30 (cm) - Gía: 885.000vnd/cái

Warranty 24 months




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