5 iron swing pattern Han Khang beautiful art in 2014

Han Khang introduces you to 5 iron swing pattern 2014 beautiful art and daydreaming swinging rhythm that promise many choices easier, more unique for your loved one home.
If your garden courtyards with trees, grass, flowers, colorful leaves ... would be quite ideal space for a swing, brings more vivid accents, unique more desirable modern life be integrated into the natural spaces in their everyday lives.
Today, there are many more choices in materials when you are looking to buy a swing set. The manufacturer wants to bring style swing from the swing wood texture with simple, elegant, solid iron swing, strong, and shiny stainless steel swing at an affordable cost, to all the units made of rattan, bamboo, hemp, feeling close to nature ...
A house with a beautiful exterior space will bring a better quality of life for members of the family.
Swings iron art KH14 Kang Han-XD008
Swings iron art KH14 Kang Han-XD008 - Price: 5,995,000 VND / The
KT: W160 x D100 x H185 cm - Chair: W55 x H60 x D100 cm
When it comes to swing always remind you of childhood memories had been tied together with a rhythmic swing swinging soul making you feel more relaxed, more peaceful.
Swings iron art KH14 Kang Han-XD011
Swings iron art KH14 Kang Han-XD011 - Price: 6,495,000 VND / The
Dimensions: (H) 180 x (W) 160 x (D) 100 cm - Chair: (H) 60 x (W) 100 x (D) 55 cm
Designer luxury, natural wooden seats come with fixed bracket with delicate motifs such as bending forging a new wind blowing into your living space.
Swings iron art KH14 Kang Han-XD006
Swings iron art KH14 Kang Han-XD006 - Price: 5,465,000 VND / The
KT: D100 x W160 x H185 cm - Chair: W55 x H60 x D100 cm
There are many designs to choose rocking styles from simple, plain wooden rocking chair or patterned crisp, beautiful. Face cymbals seats are on par - along with the gap alternating seats classic rectangular or circular rotary ... all such alternative gives you more options more suited to calculate everyone”s way.
Swings iron art Kang Han KH-XD028
Swings iron art Kang Han KH-XD028 - Price: 6,250,000 VND / The
KT: W180 x D160 x H220 cm - Chair: W160 x D160 cm.
Whatever the final location is selected in the garden or on the terrace, the swing should always be put in place relatively well ventilated and spacious to ensure swaying back and forth amplitude of the swing does not crash into objects or different design of the house.
But choosing priorities cool place but covered swing space needs to cover weather tight enough for the employer. If space is chosen just cool enough but not tight enough to encircle the employer from rain and sun, these types of swings have retrofitted roof is an option should be considered.
Swings iron art KH14 Kang Han-XD013
Swings iron art KH14 Kang Han-XD013 - Price: 6,700,000 VND / The
 KT: W160 x D120 x H220 cm - Chair: W60 x H70 x D100 cm.
The swing diverse colors such as gold, moss green, or white would be appropriate to put in the garden with bonsai and rockery add phog way upstream to the mansion. It also highlights unexpected moments bring you happiness and relaxation.


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