If you have a garden, wide enough, to avoid monotony and create a strange, try decorating with stone material, combined with water, trees and gardens to become beautiful and attractive. Decorate a garden is not merely art but also the personality of the owner.

Post date: 18-05-2015

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Rock garden is a popular style in Europe and is increasingly popular in the Orient. Natural stone and artificial stone are arranged alternately with the trees created a stone walkways, stone wall or stone stream. In the oriental gardens, stone plays an important role, as the frame, backbone, the foundation of the garden.

Gravel and stone are available everywhere in nature, so you can easily get this material without spending too much cost, you can combine a few more other materials, provided they does not require the loss of maintenance. All you need to do is to collect them and to beautify your garden according to the following idea.

Also, according to feng shui symbols for rock strength, longevity and also create "charm" with the lines and patterns on the rock face. Big rocks accent the fulcrum for garden landscape, small rocks placed on footpaths or grass interspersed with nature brings people closer.
From stones, rough stone, rigid boring color you can turn them into fun shapes and strange colors complete with unique and extremely impressive
These stones shaped red strawberries catch the eye
It”s unique & impressive from the cactus are made from stone
These worms complete playfully with fun colors
The unique stepping stones on walkways image butterflies, bright flowers
Also you can create a unique basket with 1-0 - 2 in the main his garden.
Partitions marked with stones painted garden
Tic Tac Toe chessboard shape lovable cows
These stones are put together to shape our feet look very art
Stone walkways ratings mesmerizing spira
Use decorative stone is not only an effective way to complement your landscape, it also helps you reduce the cost to maintain the garden.
Wish you success !!!


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