Excellent spring filled with ”Wrought Iron Art”

Spring is the most beautiful season of the year when blooming, buds emerge premature germination. And everyone in the hangover, eagerly preparing to welcome spring. Of which can not fail to mention the cleaning and decorating the house to greet the New Year offline

Post date: 23-12-2016

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We can say, in the house - the living room is the place to be cared investment and the most decorated. Since this is the face of the home, where the huddled, talking among family members as well as to welcome the guests visit.
So we can coordinate the bright colors of furniture and decorative items for the living room to create a fresh new look, youthful and full of life as ever.
Referring to the flowers, people who associate with a masterpiece of nature bestowed. So bring flowers into your living space is also bringing nature into the home. You will feel closer, more comfortable to sit at the table on display of fresh flowers or a living room going, fascinated with the "artistic wrought iron flower shelf"

Flower racks iron art KH16-H007

Wrought iron decorative easily meet the needs of flexible iron color for the home, homeowners When boring color frames can then easily change colors quickly & comfortable. About the size & style of the product is extremely rich & varied designs.

Flower racks iron art KH16-H008

In addition to the shelves stood two floors, three floors homeowners can replace other styles look more fancy to suit the layout of the home, such as bicycles, iron art eke ...

Iron art bike KH14-STT002

With the "iron art eke" this is a space saving solution extremely effective for small space. A small flower pots eke along well enough to attract many glances when he saw them.

Eke iron art KH16-EKE010

With two iron eke combined with laminated glass or wood can also create unique wall shelf, you can leave books, pictures, small flower pots without consuming too much space of the room.

Eke iron art CNC cutting KH16-EKE015

Sometimes, an ordinary house becomes extremely impressed with the decorations pretty small. Of the "iron wine racks art" classic with many different shapes, both decorative addition to a showcase of your wine bottle, confirming the owner's personal style.

Bottle shaped dog funny hug !!!
Art iron wine racks KH16-R001
Or cyclo carrying wine really unique ...
Art iron wine racks KH14-R004
Interior decoration for a home with inspiration from the art of wrought iron can help your new wind blowing fresh, brings a touch of love life exciting.
The color of the flowers make up the mood, a corner of a room full of colors would be the perfect place for you to start a new day filled with joy & fun for Tet reunion party family relatives.
The unique features of the combination products from wrought iron decorative art with flowers or furniture, will bring a lot of interesting comments for homeowners.
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