Replacement of new furniture for the home

A house that wants to be beautiful, the furniture in it must be perfect & attractive because they are the main soul in the house. Although they are furniture, you still have to clean often because they are directly affected by the surrounding environment. Here are some useful tips to help you with self-cleaning with what is available in the house.
And here are the things you need to prepare:
       - Sponges
       - Buckets
       - dishwashing water
Flower basin iron art
The method is as follows:
1. Mix 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid into a bucket of warm water about 30 liters. Bring furniture out (except those that are too large in size like bed frames) placed on a hard floor.
2. Remove the pillow (if any). Dip damp sponges in prepared water tanks and scrub them. Use a hard brush to scrub stains such as food or bird droppings.
3. If your belongings are dirty in openings, use a toothbrush or a small bottle rinse to clean. Dip the toothbrush in warm water, rub a few drops of dishwashing liquid and rub until clean. You may need to clean the brush if it gets too dirty. Just add the dishwashing liquid and continue to rub.
4. Rinse the furniture by using a water hose. Dry them immediately with a towel to prevent rust. Make sure you have dried all openings, cracks.
5. If you find any rusty spots while cleaning, then wash, then rub the clay with sandpaper and rinse thoroughly. Use a wipe to clean the clay clay. Use paint for iron art to repaint the necessary places, you can find this paint in the store. To completely dry paint before using furniture.
Bed art iron bed
Some points to note:
If you need to clean the bed frame, place the mops around the bed to avoid dripping onto the floor. Cleaning the bed frame is like cleaning other household items, and then rinsing with a damp sponge.
In our opinion, you need to polish your fine art ironware with rags or paraffin oil to maintain their shine. Leave the furniture dry after cleaning, and then use a damp cloth to rub it evenly.
With simple steps and easy-to-find materials, you can sanitize yourself and take care of your irons without having to worry about costs.

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