Due to the need to expand production and business
Company Khang Han to recruit the following positions:
     + Need to recruit skilled welders 5, known as the iron door, can read assembly drawings and the iron doors from simple to complex.
     + Need to recruit skilled blacksmith 5, said wrought-iron art. Can forge the intricate details such as flowers, leaves, first husband.
     + Need to hire 5 men for good solder leakage, have experiences. Can make the mailbox, chocolate, tole pots.
     + 5 painter should recruit skilled, experienced painted steel door, interior - exterior, as coins, antique paint.
     + Need recruited 10 helpers, healthy, hardworking, and have generated generate free place to stay.
     + Need to hire more apprentices, workers receive training as iron art, paid apprenticeship, free housing. Priority workers in western and central back into the south.
Products and services company Iron Art Kang Han including:
     + Production and accessories business service industry iron iron decorative art.
     + Production and interior-exterior business, products of iron cater to the needs of construction, architecture ...
     + Design, manufacture and installation of construction, architecture and abroad, including gates, fencing, railing balconies, stairs, doors, windows, partitions decorated ... Special wrought iron art machinery and high technology.
For more information please see job announcements below:
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