Tips for iron corrosion

The iron objects, but users are durable but that is often inconvenient to rust. Want to limit this unsightly marks, you have to do?

Please tell you some way preserved as follows:

What to do for the iron from clay ?
Want to be lightning ironware not so long as you thoroughly clean the lime and dip them into the water . Then you get sprinkled lime .
Note: This iron can not be painted .
Remedy lightning key
The key is lightning caused a small obstacle in opening and closing the locks . Want to make all lightning key , do the following :
You mix one part of kerosene oil and two parts , then the keys are clay soaked in this mixture . For a few hours , you get the key out and dry use sandpaper to smooth puree fight .
How to fix clogged zipper
In case the zipper of your belongings in the congested , not pull , you do not pull too strong temper , zipper will fail . You just need to get some candles or dry rub soap along the zipper a few times , will naturally zipper pull is easy.
How to keep the iron from clay
For longer-term iron was not lightning , you should use candles scrub . Of course, you must attach a hot iron and ironing on a rag to clean all candles before ironing .
Chest shapers of zinc
Chests of zinc are vulnerable to lightning , and especially on rainy , humid air . Want to avoid this controversial , you should use the - dirty - lin and apply a very light layer of very uneven and zinc surface .
To map inserts iron corrosion
An iron back on accessories such as side waist, button fly jeans ... often lost shine even rust . You can use nail polish ( paint ball , not the color ) scan on them . Inserts you will always shiny and difficult to rust .
According to folklore tips .

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