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Arts Khang Han iron to give the structures a choice hao.Chuyen provide iron works items such as gates, fences, railings, stairs, balconies, arches, chassis protection guard rail and accessories .... all decorative items - iron exterior art.

Iron Manufactory Khang Han

We are proud to be one of the pioneering companies in the market and always iron art products that meet the iron with prestige and quality a top priority. Products of Dong An Company always left its mark in the heart of each customer.

Showroom Sắt Nghệ Thuật Khang Hân

Iron Art Showroom Khang Han

ĐC : 365 - Trần Xuân Soạn, Tân Kiểng , Q7

Wrong policy spreads and market to cater to the needs of customers better , our company has expanded to produce more iron art branch , in which " Khang Han iron factory " is one of typical affiliates , specializes in supplying goods for interior - exterior iron art senior - Italian style .
" Iron Khang Han " steel bending unforgettable charm . A factory specializing in iron decoration - exterior curling iron with the beauty of traditional crafts rich but still full appearance in modern European style , classic style , elegance and noble .
Go to the " Iron Khang Han " is coming up with a value of art , the product of Khang Han iron is the value of the arts center decided that the artisans , the skilled craftsmen with many years of experience with contribute to the artistic masterpieces beauty of life .
Our business philosophy is: " Product quality is the focus , customer benefit is key ." So , we always provide quality products to our customers and always reasonable prices for each product .