Swings iron art with youthful design, simple

You had once been sitting on the homemade swing in the garden, under a tree, it would not be able to forget the feeling of sitting on the swing and childhood memories returned. With the current chaos of life, there is not much time to do their own thing their own unique one swing, you can come up with Han Kang art curling iron to choose their own first swing style his own way.

Swings iron art with youthful design, simple

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Manufacturer: Iron Art Khang Han

Material: Iron box bending, outdoor sofa mattress
Size swing: (D) 120 x (W) 160 x (H) 185 (cm) 
Size chair: (D) 100 x (W) 120 (cm) 

Color: white, matt black, antique brass or on request

Pros: Disassembly, stowed DC, easily transported.

The weld sure, durable, safe. Not super crooked as other products.

Structural leash dangling softness, durability.

Delivery: Taking place in HCM city

Finish: spray paint or powder coating industry

Iron swing is designed to be simple, but no less unique to bend iron bars create charm, soft impressed with the look by making iron according to the art will also be a patch of sky for you to sip coffee or reading the same book, relax.

Swings iron art youthful design with simple KH15-XD003

Swings iron art youthful design with simple KH15-XD003

Especially the swing of this point you just turned slightly behind iron bars, it has turned into a bed of coral outdoors for you to relax while reading a book or maybe one little nap under the breeze of heaven course

Swings iron art youthful design with simple KH15-XD003

With a youthful design simple but equally unique, rigid rod of iron from crude, cold under the skillful hands of skilled craftsmen have created into the bend iron bars create charm soft, lively added to the swing.

Come with wrought iron art Khang Han, you can fully incorporate the unique idea of their own ingenuity plus talented craftsmen who will help you to own a truly complete swing and like the perfect style for your own little house

Warranty 24 months


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