Swings beautiful iron art

Artistic wrought iron swing with diverse design combined with floral accessories blend into the garden space more lively than at the same time swinging corner is ideal for your relaxation and family members later the hours of work stress and fatigue.

Swings beautiful iron art

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Manufacturer: Wrought Iron Art Khang Han

MaterialWrought Iron bending + accessories

Dimensions: (D) 100 x (W) 140 x (H) 185 (cm)

Colors: White, black, antique brass or requested by guests.

Weight: kg

Iron art swing KH15-XD015

Iron art swing KH15-XD015

With its unique design, meticulous in every detail, it is not only a swing make sure, fish hard, durable over time, it also represents the softness thanks to the detailed pattern leaf stems are skillful hands of artisans crafted so.

Iron art swing KH15-XD016

Iron art swing KH15-XD016 - Price: 6.495.000vnd/piece

Iron art swing KH15-XD017

Iron art swing KH15-XD017 - Price: 5.450.000vnd/piece

24 month warranty


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