Artistic wrought iron swing suitable for garden

The form of iron swings beautifully designed and manufactured from wrought iron art Han Kang gives you the feeling it was interesting to sit on them. With rhythmic rocking, soothing, gentle strokes with unique art of bending iron, plastic welding firm who make up the iron swing beautiful, durable and safe especially for children.

Artistic wrought iron swing suitable for garden

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Manufacturer: Iron Art Khang Han

Material: Wrought Iron bending pattern 39 + accessories, cymbals upper back melon size 30 x 6 inch, 20 x 3 inch under the la
Dimensions: (D) 120 x (W) 140 x (H) 185 (cm)

Color: white, matt black, antique brass or on request

Pros: Disassembly, stowed DC, easily transported.

Weight: 52 - 60kg

The weld sure, durable, safe. Not super crooked as other products.

Structural leash dangling softness, durability.

Delivery: Taking place in HCM city

Finish: spray paint or powder coating industry

Whether the weather erratic weather, you absolutely assured of its durability. Modern technology makes paint iron swing perfect color, durable and beautiful, do not fade with the years, it will be associated with you and your family for years to come by these days of childhood.
With the bending pattern forged upper bracket in conjunction with flower accents is a petite little for homeowners love the simplicity. Tuyi designs simple, rustic but it still exudes elegance and sophistication
Artistic wrought iron swing suitable for garden KH15-XD005
Artistic wrought iron swing suitable for garden KH15-XD005
Part seats and backs are designed with simple iron bars make us feel comfortable, quiet sitting on it.

Come with wrought iron art Khang Han, you can fully incorporate the unique idea of their own ingenuity plus talented craftsmen who will help you to own a truly complete swing and like the perfect style for your own little house.


Warranty 24 months



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