Artistic wrought iron swing KH14-XD004

Wrought iron swing art adorn your home garden more lively at the same time swinging angle ideal for your relaxation and family members after the working hours of stress and fatigue.

Artistic wrought iron swing KH14-XD004

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Today, with better living standards, the demand for more modern perception of human beauty one day raise the issue of exterior decoration garden how beautiful and have always been impressed that homeowners to consider. 
Outdoor garden courtyard is the ideal place to relax for every member of the family so that the exterior items homeowners choose the right shows the usability, elegance, durability over time and create a focal point unique individual. 
A wrought iron swing outdoor art is the perfect solution for your problems.
Artistic wrought iron swing KH14-XD004
Artistic wrought iron swing KH14-XD004
Wrought iron swing art compact structure, stable surface designs out of the way quite nicely in tune and coordinate hangers with seats and a roof to create a perfect overall style Western art will attract everyone”s eye the visitor. 
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Set specific features: 
Solution relaxing seat 
Building strong and durable 
Material: special steel, non-circular bending steel forgings and steel fittings 
Dimensions: (H) 185 x (W) 140 x (D) 100 cm 
Chair: (W) 60 x (D) 100 x (H) 60 cm 
Color: As required 
Relative cost, repair cost savings 
Warranty 24 months 
Discounts for contractors 
Delivery and installation within the HCM 
Representative Office: 365, Tran Xuan Soan Street, Tan Paradies Ward, District 7 

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