Chairs iron outdoor Swings

Outdoor rocking chair iron is designed in European style, a style that is simple and rustic garden decoration solution is preferred.

Chairs iron outdoor Swings

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These outdoor swing iron varies in color like gold, moss green, translucent or opaque white knit”ll fit in the backyard garden with bonsai and rockery adds style upstream of the mansion.

Today we have so many options these iron rocking chair art according to the different styles, from simple to sophisticated beauty will contribute more to the exterior of your house. 
Chairs iron outdoor Swings KH-XD023
Chairs iron outdoor Swings KH-XD023
Invite you to see more samples rocking "in here" 
Key Features: 
Garden swing made ​​from handcrafted iron bending pattern. 
Many colors (optional). 
Disassembly, DC stowed, easy to transport. 
The weld solid, durable, safe. Not super crooked as the other products. 
Structural leash dangling soft, durable. 
Size: (D) 100 x (W) 140 x (H) 185 cm 
Dimension seats: (D) 100 x (H) 70 (W) 60cm 
Weight: 36 kg- 42 kg 
Download Weight 180 Kg 
High discount with large quantity, dealers 
Free delivery within the mouth 
Some assembly required 
Warranty 24 months

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